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Prof. Liang Bingzhong from CUHK Gives a Report at ZMU
2014-11-28 17:50   审核人:

Liang Bingzhong, a professor in the Chinese University of Hongkong, came to ZMU and gave a report speech on the topic of evidence-based research of modern Chinese traditional medicine. Vice President Liu Jianguo, with Prof. Zhou Xumei, Prof. Chen Yongzheng and other teaching stuff attended the meeting. Prof. Liang’s speech has given the teachers a new understanding of the development of Chinese medicine and drugs. After the report, teachers and students raised some related questions for Prof. Liang, and they had a discussion with him.  An initial consensus between Prof. Liang and Prof. Liu has been reached on graduates exchange, teachers training and cooperation in exploitation of Chinese traditional medicine  after this meeting.






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