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Academic Lecture by Dr. Ian Roberts from University of Cambridge
2016-05-19 11:49   审核人:




On April 29, Dr. Ian Roberts, an academician of   Academia Europaea, British Academy and Downing College of Cambridge as well   as Dean of Modern and Medieval Linguistics at the University of Cambridge   made a lecture named “Formal and Functional Explanations: New Perspectives   on an Old Problem’’ in classroom 10 of the Xinpu campus. The lecture was   held by Prof. Tan Zhanhai, Dean of Foreign Languages School. Vice Dean Wang   Mei as well as many teachers and students attended the lecture.


There are two main schools, formal linguistics and   functional linguistics in the modern domain of linguistics. Domestic scholars   hold various views on them, while most of the scholars agree that formal   linguistics focuses on researching the language forms, whilst functional   linguistics concentrates on researching the communicative meaning and the   pragmatic function of language.  At the beginning of the speech, Dr.   Roberts made a terse and concise exposition of the distinctions and   communication trends of formal linguistics and functional linguistics. By   analyzing the pleiotropic formal features of Romance language, English and   Chinese, Dr. Roberts presented, formal linguistics and functional linguistics   are not completely contrary to each other. Combining them in language   researching will give the research a stronger explanatory power. Furthermore,   in Dr. Roberts's point of view, universal grammar (UG) is a natural existence   of human beings, and the language acquisition is a process of the growth of   the mind's language instinct prompted by some kind of language experience   accumulating. Linguistics will ultimately be a sub-discipline of biology.   Linguistics is not a word game anymore, but a science.


The difference among philosophy view, view of   language and research method lies in formal linguistics and functional   linguistics, which aroused the teachers and students interest. Dr. Roberts   patiently answered how to analyze the Chinese recessive negative verbs   linguistically. And Dr. Roberts also explained the difference between gene,   meme and the parameter in terms of the linguistics.


In tribute Prof. Tan Zhanhai said: “Dr. Roberts’s   formal linguistic greatly widens the horizons of the teachers. At the same   time, our teachers should do a good job in teaching work and constantly   improving their academic ability, do their best in teaching and scientific   research as well as making them better.


WriterWang Leihong  PhotographerLi Zhen  Translator: Liu Fujuan




Prof. Tan Zhanhai, Dean of Foreign   Languages School making the welcome speech



Dr. Roberts explaining the conflict   between formal linguistics and functional linguistics systematically



Dr. Roberts patiently answer questions   for teachers and students



On the spot of lecture


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